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Geographic TongueThere are quite a number of factors that could potentially result to infections in the mouth, but having what is typically referred to as geographic tongue is not among these things. This, despite the fact that geographic tongue possibly ranks among the weirdest looking oral health anomalies that affects the surface of the tongue.

What Is Geographic Tongue?

Geographic tongue technically referred to as benign migratory glossitis among many other names, results from the loss of the papillae from random areas of the tongue. This disappearance of the papillae typically leaves smooth red map-like patches that change in both size and shape from day to day.


Geographic tongue is known to result to discomfort but is not always painful. Discomfort that results from this oral health anomaly is usually aggravated when consuming particularly hot and spicy foods. Geographic toungie is not a sign of infection. Perhaps more importantly, it is not a sign of oral cancer.


Dental experts have yet to determine the specific reason for the loss of papillae. At present, experts believe that geographic tongue could have a genetic cause and therefore run in the families. Other probable causes of genetic tongue include stress, allergies, hormone changes, and several lifestyle factors such as chronic tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Dentist In Bondi

Geographic tongue typically goes away on its own after a few months, and the tongue returns to its more normal appearance. Just for good measure, however, it remains best to consult with your local Dentist In Bondi.

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