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Dentist Bondi: What Parents Need To Know About Acidic Drinks

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Bondi Dentist, Dental Video, General Dentistry in Bondi

Here’s a 2 minutes and 18 seconds What Parents Need To Know About Acidic Drinks video. See full transcript below.

Dental erosion makes your precious teeth more prone to harm. When your tooth enamel becomes weakened, your dentin becomes exposed and vulnerable to the dangers brought about by acid and bacterial attacks.

Eventually, this then leads to various issues like tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. That is why it is essential to understand the different factors that contribute to dental erosion.

Kids in Australia today are very likely to suffer from dental erosion. Most children grind their teeth during sleep while others might have undiagnosed acid reflux.

These two conditions are known to damage their teeth. Moreover, dental care experts are more concerned about the intake of highly acidic drinks. Research has found that these beverages can deal lifelong damage on their teeth within just 30 seconds.

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Dentist Bondi: What Parents Need To Know About Acidic Drinks

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