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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Bondi

Teeth whitening is a process that helps lighten the colour of your teeth.

Over time, our teeth can become discoloured and stained due to age, smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and using certain medicines.

Whitening your teeth can eliminate these stains and leave your teeth with a radiant smile.

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Is whitening right for you?

Bondi Dental is committed to your health and well-being. A dental examination is the best way to determine whether you are a candidate for whitening and if there is another reason for your teeth discolouration that needs to be addressed first.

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Different methods for whitening teeth work similarly. Most treatments use a bleaching agent to break up the stains and penetrate the enamel. This agent is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

There are a few teeth whitening procedures available that produce excellent results. The most convenient and commonly used are:

Professional Home Whitening System

Professional Home Whitening is a convenient and affordable solution for teeth whitening. It is done at home by the patient under the supervision of their dentist.

It includes taking impressions of your teeth to create custom-fitted trays, which hold the bleaching gel in contact with your teeth’ surface.

Following careful instructions, the trays are worn for a set amount of time, during day or night, with noticeable results in one to two weeks. You have control over the desired level of whitening, and once you have achieved the results that you are happy with, you can cease treatment and reuse the kit for future touch-ups and maintenance.

LED (In-chair) Teeth Whitening

Bondi Dental offers a bleaching procedure using LED lamps and a strong whitening agent performed by a dentist, completed in a 1-hour appointment.

This method prioritises gum protection and sensitivity reduction during and after treatment, delivering remarkable results.

This package option also includes take-home whitening kit (trays & gel) to maintain the whiter tooth colour at home.

Maintaining Your White Smile

After whitening your teeth, maintain your bright smile with daily brushing and flossing, avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks, and regular check-ups with your Bondi Beach dentist.

Teeth whitening can boost your smile and confidence, whether done in-office or at home.

It will lead to a brighter, more radiant smile you’ll love to flaunt!

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How long does teeth whitening last?

Results vary but typically last from months to years, with touch-ups recommended for maintenance.

Can anyone undergo teeth whitening?

Results vary but typically last from months to years, with touch-ups recommended for maintenance.

Does teeth whitening work on all types of stains?

It’s most effective on surface stains but may be less so on intrinsic stains.

How to maintain results?

Good oral hygiene and avoiding stain-causing foods help prolong results.

Can I use over-the-counter products?

OTC products may offer modest results, but professional treatments supervised by a dentist are often more effective.

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