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Mouthguards and Splints

mouthguards bondi beach The tooth enamel is the toughest substance in the body.

However, despite their durability, our teeth can still be damaged.

Whether by injuries, sports activities, or bruxism, our teeth are exposed to accidents more often than we think.

At Bondi Dental, we aim to ensure that you have strong, healthy teeth protected even during all types of fun!

Utilise our custom-made mouthguards and splints for optimum protection, including during sleep.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is the habit of clenching your upper teeth and lower back teeth tightly together, especially during sleep, which results in enamel damage.

The persistent pressure on the tissues, muscles, and other structures of the jaw causes pain, headache, and other conditions.

Most sufferers are unaware that they have bruxism. However, the teeth may show the effects caused by bruxism.

  • Flattened and worn out teeth
  • Chipped, fractured, or broken teeth
  • Loosened or avulsed teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks

Some bruxism sufferers also experience headaches, jaw pain, or earache when waking up.

To help lessen the pressure in your jaw, your dentist at Bondi Dental will recommend jaw exercises. However, for added protection, it is also advised to wear a splint while sleeping.

The splint prevents the teeth from grinding by keeping your upper and lower teeth from meeting while you sleep.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a condition that causes a person to momentarily stop breathing while sleeping. This means that the brain and body don’t get all the oxygen that they need.

It also causes sleep to be disturbed, leaving the person with sleep apnoea tired or irritable the next day.

What you need

Mouthguards: Customised for your safety

A mouthguard protects your mouth from injuries caused by dangerous impact.

If you need a close-fitting, customised mouthguard, it will have to be made either by your dentist Bondi or produced at a dental laboratory after the dentist takes impressions of your mouth.

Mouthguards are made to protect your teeth from strong blows during exercise and contact sports.

They are most commonly used by boxers, though many other professional, recreational, and competitive athletes also wear mouthguards.

Splints: Lessening discomforts

Splints are used for many purposes in dentistry. Among these, the most common is bite pressure management.

When you are stressed, you tend to release it on your teeth by clenching your cheek muscles and grinding your teeth.

This places your jaw under heavy pressure, resulting in damaged teeth and jaw joints. To reverse the effects, your dentist places a splint between your upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding.

If you have bruxism, wearing a splint prevents the following conditions:

Chipped, worn out, fractured, or lost teeth. Bruxism sufferers often find activities, like chewing, painful; the splints absorb the pressure of your teeth, which makes eating easier and less painful.

Head and jaw pain, tenderness, muscle tightness, and TMD that can cause negative effects on your daily life.

Wearing splints is an effective way of addressing and preventing these conditions and helping you enjoy life more.

Mouthguards and Splints in Bondi

Prevention is always better than cure.

At Bondi Dental, we provide preventive dental services that will help you maintain your oral health and prevent dental problems from happening, including custom-made mouthguards and splints.

Call us today on (02) 9365 7187 or visit us at 134 Curlewis St in Bondi Beach.

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