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What Is A Dental Floss PickFlossing is among the three basic practices that make for a comprehensive oral healthcare regimen, together with frequently brushing with fluoride toothpaste and regularly rinsing with dentist recommended mouthwash. There are times, however, when cleaning the in-between spaces of your teeth with the traditional dental floss becomes a bit too tedious and a little too tiring.

Alternative Interdental Cleaners

There are quite a few people who find long pieces of dental floss quite difficult to handle, most specifically when trying the reach the back surfaces of your teeth. It is especially in these cases that alternative interdental cleaners are made widely available over the counter. Among the most popular of these alternative interdental cleaners include the dental floss pick.

The dental floss pick, true to its name, is a small plastic interdental cleaner that consists of a curve head that holds a piece of dental floss and a plastic pick that is designed to remove large food particles that get stuck along the gum line.

Water Pick

A dental floss pick is totally different from a water pick. To save you from possible confusion, a water pick (alternatively referred to as dental irrigator, tooth irrigator, or oral irrigator) uses a steady stream of water to remove loose food particles from between your teeth.

Apart from keeping interdental gaps clean, the water pick stimulates your gums, and can generally be a useful part of your overall daily oral health routine.


While on the subject, it is not advisable to use a toothpick in removing larger food particles from your teeth. Despite its name, a toothpick is a rather poorly designed interdental cleaner. Being made of wood, a toothpick can easily break off, with its pieces easily getting stuck between your teeth. It is best if you opt for a dental floss pick instead.

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Religiously keeping a comprehensive oral healthcare regimen is at the very heart of preserving and improving the overall status of your dental health. Just as importantly, keeping regular appointments with your local dentist prevents the very onset on any unwanted dental anomalies.

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