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What Are Third Molars?

Popularly referred to as wisdom teeth, third molars are the last permanent teeth to come into the mouth, between the ages of 16 and 20 years. As such, third molars often erupt without enough room to properly grow and develop. When this happens, the still developing third molar remains trap underneath the gums, and consequently gets impacted against bone and other already existing teeth.

An impacted wisdom tooth typically needs surgical extraction, as it causes overcrowding. Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth typically include dental pain, periodontal swelling, and tenderness. A wisdom tooth that is surgically removed before 20 years of age generally offers fewer complications as it has significantly fewer developed roots.

Third Molar Extraction

When unable to come though the gums and into the mouth properly, chances are that the improperly developed third molar results in persistent periodontal swelling and lower-grade infection. It is in this case the surgical removal of the third molar becomes necessary.

Surgical wisdom teeth extraction is a relatively routine procedure, almost as routine as the extraction of any damaged tooth. To make the procedure pain-free and all the more comfortable, your local dentist or oral surgeon will typically suggest using either local or general anesthesia.

Even without dental discomfort, regular visits to your local dentist are especially important as it allows your dentist to actively keep track of the growth and development of your third molar. This allows for prompt preventive dental solutions that save you from otherwise comparably expensive and complex dental treatments.

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