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Health Hazards: Tartar BuildupTartar, alternatively referred to as calculus, is essentially plaque buildup that has hardened on the other surfaces of the teeth. Apart from accumulating in dental surfaces, tartar also forms underneath the gum line. As such, tartar buildup is known to result to both dental erosion (which is a precursor to dental decay) and gum disease.

Tartar buildup increases the risk of developing unwanted dental anomalies. Tartar provides the perfect environment for bacteria to exponentially grow, multiply, and wreak havoc to your teeth and gums. Not only does tartar ruin the overall status of your oral health, it also causes very noticeable cosmetic problems.

How To Detect Tartar Buildup

Unlike plaque, which is mostly a barely visible film of bacteria, tartar is a mineral buildup that is very fairly visible, especially when accumulated just above the gum line. The thing to look out for when trying to spot tartar buildup is a yellow or brown discoloration of the teeth and gums. And while it is possible for you detect any existing plaque buildup, the only way to remove it is to visit your local dentist.

Preventing Tartar Buildup

Religiously practicing good dental habits best increases your chances at preventing plaque and tartar buildup. Brushing with tartar control toothpaste especially reduces any existing bacterial buildup, even before it starts to accumulate.

Regular brushing works better if it is complemented with other home oral healthcare practices such as flossing with good-quality mouthwash and rinsing with dentist-recommended mouthwash. Needless to say, a truly comprehensive dental care requires professional dental maintenance.

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