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The Importance of Correcting your Overbite

by | May 18, 2015 | Dental Video, General Dentistry in Bondi, Preventive Dentistry

Here’s a 2 minutes and 22 seconds The Importance of Correcting your Overbite video. See full transcript below.

Overbite is a type of malocclusion or an overjet. A lot of people don’t realize that they have an overbite, as they believe their condition is not serious enough to obtain dental attention. This could also for the reason that other cases of overbites are so minor to be noticeable. However, others have serious overbite condition that can make the person’s top jaw look much larger or the bottom jaw significantly smaller. But one thing to remember, overbite can actually cause some dental problems. This condition can change the structure of your face and affect the way you talk.

The most popular form of overbite correction is orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will fix the overbite with the help of rubber bands and dental braces to pull the upper teeth back. Tooth extraction may be suggested if overcrowding complicates the overbite so as to provide room for your front teeth. In extreme conditions, overbite surgery may be needed to place your jaw backwards or forwards. Furthermore, if severe overbite is not corrected during adulthood, the teeth may continue to shift and trigger dental issues such as gum disease.

For any dental problem you experience, don’t hesitate to see your dentist immediately. Overbites are easier to solve for children and teenagers since their jaws are still developing. As for adults, their overbites can also be treated yet more time may be required to adjust the bite. To know more about the causes and effects of overbite to your oral health, visit your Bondi Dentist today here at Bondi Dental. Our top-notch Smile Makeover offers quality solutions to various factors that affect your smile and the aesthetics of your teeth.

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The Importance of Correcting your Overbite

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