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Recovery Guide for Wisdom Tooth Removal

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Dental Article, Dentist Bondi, Wisdom Tooth Removal

recovery-guide-for-wisdom-tooth-removal-bondi-dentistSomewhat like root canal treatment or the filling of large cavities, wisdom tooth removal may be somewhat distressing to some patients.

After the procedure, your dentist should provide you with post-care instructions to help you with a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, here’s a concise guide that will help you bounce back right after the procedure.

Ways to Recover After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

On Surgery Day

  • Once the anaesthesia wears off, you will experience bouts of pain.
  • Keep the prescribed pain medications handy
  • After the procedure, go on a liquid-only diet
  • Don’t brush your teeth for at least a day
  • Avoid sipping liquids through a straw

The Next Day

  • When pain hits you, take the painkillers immediately
  • If some continual bleeding occurs due to cuts and sutures, change out the gauze
  • Continue with your liquid diet and temporarily avoid solid foods
  • Avoid brushing your teeth
  • Rest and recuperate and don’t engage in strenuous activities

After 2 Days

  • Apply ice every 20 minutes if you continue to experience swelling of the jaw. Do this at about 30 minute intervals
  • Gargle with saltwater if you feel that your mouth is often drying up
  • Start brushing your teeth lightly
  • Stay off solid foods
  • Change out the gauze

After 3 Days

  • At this stage, the pain and swelling should have almost disappeared
  • You can now start eating soft foods
  • You may stop taking pain medications
  • Continue to rinse mouth with saltwater or mouthwash
  • Avoid strenuous activities for another few days

You’ve Recovered!

Usually, the patient will fully recover by day 4 after the surgery. If you don’t notice any progress such as has been outlined above, then you should go back to your dentist as soon as possible.

One reason that you may have not recovered quickly is due to a dry tooth socket. This may require some extra care. Your dentist should be able to address any issues related to the wisdom tooth removal to avoid any further complications.

Safe and Gentle Wisdom Tooth Removal at Bondi Dental

Your dentist at Bondi Dental has extensive experience in dealing with wisdom tooth problems. He has treated a wide range of wisdom tooth conditions from normal to severe for many years. He will make sure that your experience during and after the procedure will be as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. By providing detailed home care instructions, which should be followed properly, will also help you to recover quickly.

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