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Interdental Brush: What and How to Use?With the name itself, you will immediately know that it’s a different thing from toothbrushes. Interdental brushes, also called as interproximal brushes, are small bristled head brushes specifically devised to clean between your teeth.

Since brushing teeth doesn’t effectively remove plaque within the oral cavity, interproximal (in-between) plaque removal has been established to maintain lower plaque levels, and one of these is by using interdental brushes.

They serve as an alternative to flossing and can be used daily for removing dental plaque. According to a number of studies, an interdental brush is even more efficient in doing this routine than flossing.

How to Use an Interdental Brush

Before using the brush, you need to listen and follow first the instructions of your dentist on how to use it correctly. This also includes how often you should use the interdental brush.

  • Your dentist will recommend an interdental brush that suits the spaces between your teeth. The friction provided by the brush against every side of the tooth is a good cleaning effect. Just make sure that it’s not too tight and too hard to control.
  • Insert the brush gently through each space of your teeth. Don’t force the brush if it doesn’t fit snugly into some spaces.
  • To prevent plaque from transferring to another tooth, wash the brush quickly after cleaning every tooth.
  • Work to a pattern around your entire mouth so you won’t miss out any of the spaces.
  • Don’t forget to wash the interdental brush under the tap water after each tooth.

Things to Remember when Using Interdental Brush

If it’s your first time to use an interdental brush, it is expected that your gums will bleed within the first few days of usage. After a week, bleeding should already stop. This is normal as your gums may be soft and you are still starting to remove any plaque buildup. Continue using the interdental brush and the bleeding must lessen while your gums become healthier.

Toothbrushing and flossing are somewhat ineffective at getting rid of the plaque within the bigger gaps of your teeth; thus you frequently obtain gingivitis on those locations. One way to treat gingivitis is through eliminating interproximal plaque, and this is the primary goal of these little but splendid brushes.

Remember that during the first use of brush, your gums will bleed heavily and they sore a little but there’s no need to worry. This is just the process of getting the benefits as your gums get tougher, transforming into a firm and healthy one.

Superior Oral Health Condition in Bondi

Finding it difficult to use your interdental brush? Get advice from your trusted Bondi dentist. Our skilled dental team here at Bondi Dental will show you the correct ways of using interdental brushes and provide you information about other techniques to clean between your teeth. With our wide-ranging oral care treatments designed to uphold the wellness of your oral health, you can surely experience the wonders of having healthy gums and teeth.

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