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Attending To Dental EmergenciesDental injuries, without exception, require immediate professional treatment.

In times, however, when immediate professional dental help is not immediately available, properly attending to dental injuries best increases your chances of minimising any unnecessary dental and periodontal damage.

What follows is a quick and easy summary of how to attend to common dental emergencies, specifically toothache, chipped teeth, and knocked out tooth.


When dealing with toothaches, always rinse your mouth with warm water. After which, try removing any loose food particles using a toothbrush or dental floss. If the affected too also suffers from swelling, try pressing an ice pack gently against your cheek.

When dealing with toothaches, it is best to remember NOT to put an aspirin on the affected tooth. This virtually does nothing to help relieve the pain. Moreover, it burns gum tissue which increases the discomfort.

Chipped Teeth

If you break or chip your teeth, the first thing you do is recover all the broken or chipped dental fragments. If bleeding occurs, simply apply a piece of clean dental gauze on the affected tooth for roughly 10 minutes. Applying an ice pack helps in alleviating both swelling and dental pain.

Knocked-Out Tooth

The first you do when you accidentally knock out your tooth is to retrieve the tooth. Remember to hold the it by crown. If the tooth gets dirtied, carefully rinse it with clean water. Be very careful not to remove any gum tissue attached to it.

If possible, try placing the tooth back into the socket. Knocked out teeth that are returned to the socket within an hour after the injury have the highest probability of being saved. If it proves to be difficult, however, do not force the tooth back into the socket. Instead, carefully store the tooth into a container that is filled with milk or water prepared with table salt.

Dentist In Bondi

No matter what the dental emergency is, it is imperative that you receive professional dental treatment as soon as possible. This gives you the best chance of keeping your teeth intact and healthy.

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