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Why Saliva Is Essential In Good Oral HealthMainly consisting of water, saliva is essential in keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

Apart from this, saliva actively aids in proper digestion and nourishment.

You produce saliva when you chew.  The more you chew, the more saliva you produce. Anatomically, it is the salivary glands that are responsible in the production of saliva. The salivary glands are located near the fronts your teeth by the bone of your jaw.


Food lubrication and bonding. Saliva is effective in binding masticated food so that food comfortably slips through the esophagus, without inflicting damage and injury. By coating and keeping the oral cavity moist, food slides down the esophagus without actually touching the epithelial cells.

Promotes taste. Essentially, for food to register the sensation of taste, it must first be solubilized. Saliva is the natural solubilizing agent of the mouth.

Oral hygiene. Saliva actively keeps the oral cavity clean by flushing food particles through the esophagus. Both production and flow of saliva dramatically diminishes during sleep, thereby allowing the build-up of mouth-dwelling bacteria. This is what commonly results in morning breath.


Dry mouth, medically referred to xerostomia, is mainly an oral heath condition that results from insufficient saliva production. Decrease saliva production is often a symptom and a side effect of various diseases and medicines respectively.

Dry mouth can cause a wide range of unwanted oral health conditions, which mostly commonly include, among others, rapid tooth decay and chronic gum disease.

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