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The Active Maintenance Dental Program in Bondi can make a huge difference in your oral health!

The Edge Of Getting Active Maintenance Dental Program In BondiRegular maintenance is an important aspect in keeping anything that is complex and important in tip-top shape. For example, your house needs to be cleaned every now and then, and any damages found to it fixed immediately. Another example would be your car which the mechanic tweaks every now and then.

The same concept applies to your body. From regular check-ups with your doctors, to drinking vitamin supplements, to even the simple acts of eating and taking a bath. You do a lot to maintain our body. However, you tend to forget that your mouth and teeth are also important parts of your body. As such, they also need to be maintained regularly. This is something so significant, yet very easily overlooked.

That’s where Bondi Dental’s Active Maintenance Dental Program comes in.

What Is An Active Maintenance Dental Program?

Our Active Maintenance Dental Program is a special and comprehensive dental program that consists of a combination of other interrelated services that we provide, integrated into a single yet complete package. This program isn’t just a one-time solution. It’s regular and consistent, hence the name “active maintenance.” In particular, there are three primary components of our Active Maintenance Dental Program in Bondi:

  • A regular visit to your trusted dentist here at Bondi Dental, every six months
  • Routine dental examination
  • Professional scaling and cleaning

With all these integral dental procedures done consistently, your teeth, gums, and entire mouth are sure to stay in their best condition. Not only that, your dental hygienist at Bondi Dental will provide you with expert oral hygiene education. This can greatly aid you in maintaining absolute dental and oral health.

The Advantages Of An Active Maintenance Dental Program

Each component of our active maintenance dental program has advantages of its own.

First, the regular visit in our Active Maintenance Dental Program allows us, your dental care partners, to keep track of your oral health. This is even more important when you have undergone any previous dental treatments, such as getting dental implants or having your teeth whitened. A regular visit allows us to make sure that the effects of these treatments have gone well and will last long. Otherwise, we can make any changes if necessary.

Second, the routine dental examination in our Active Maintenance Dental Program in Bondi ensures that you do not have any oral diseases or issues that you are not aware of. For example, you might have bad breath even though you are regularly brushing your teeth. This is actually a sign of a more serious underlying issue. Getting your teeth examined by your trusted dentist at Bondi Dental can help find out what that exact issue is. From this, we can provide you with treatment options for any dental and oral issues you have.

Lastly, the professional scaling and cleaning in our Active Maintenance Dental Program keeps your mouth, gums, and tongue absolutely clean. The most common root cause for almost all oral issues is very simple: poor oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene causes plaque and other undesirable elements to build up in your mouth. Professional scaling and cleaning removes all of these particles that have built up over time, allowing you to get back in line to having optimum oral care.

Why You Should Get An Active Maintenance Dental Program?

The advantages of these distinct components of the Active Maintenance Dental Program, when combined, become more than the sum of their parts.  First, it lets you keep track of your oral health. Next, it allows you to quickly find out if you have any underlying oral issues. Lastly, it keeps your mouth and teeth completely clean.

These three advantages, working in unison, will resolve any oral issues you currently might have, as well as prevent these from recurring. In addition, the Active Maintenance Dental Program in Bondi makes sure that you avoid any further oral issues in the future.

Top-Notch Active Maintenance Dental Program In Bondi

Here at Bondi Dental, our goal is to help let your smile shine. Our dedicated staff is equipped with intensive training and years of experience, and we use only the most advanced equipment and techniques in dentistry. We ensure that the dental care we give to you is only of the highest quality.

Call your Bondi dentist on (02) 9365 7187 or book your appointment online.

Visit us at 134 Curlewis St in Bondi Beach.

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