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Smile Make-Overs In Bondi: 3 More Reasons To Make A Habit Of SmilingSmile Make-Overs In Bondi believes that we could all use a little bit of cheering up every now and then.  It is not easy, but it turns out, all we need to do is smile – whether or not it’s a genuine smile does not really matter.  As related studies have it, even a forced smile has the natural ability to make you feel good.

Whenever your facial muscles go through the motions of smiling, your brain is automatically stimulated to perceive sensations of happiness. Upon this perception of happiness, the brain then stimulates the production of endorphins that relieves your body of stress and leaves you feeling good.

This correlation between smiling, uplifted mood, and feeling good has been well documented since the 1980’s. A 1984 article that appeared in Science journal notes that mimicking facial expressions, like smiling, evokes their respective emotional responses. Hence, every time you smile, you are actually telling your body to feel happy.

If this still doesn’t convince you to get into the habit of smiling, Smile Make-Overs In Bondi tells you 3 more reasons that might just change your mind.

Smile Make-Overs At Bondi: Smiling Improves Your Immune System

One smile related research was conducted on two groups of hospitalized children. In the first group, the children were regularly entertained by puppeteers and storytellers. In the other group, the children were not.

Researchers found that the group children who were regularly entertained by puppeteers and story tellers had a noticeably higher white blood cell count that those were not. The researchers noted that the most significant variable between the two groups is that the first group of children found themselves laughing and smiling more often than the second group.

Researchers believe that smiling stimulates the production of white blood cells. White blood cells are essential in warding off infectious diseases and other illnesses

Smile Make-Overs At Bondi: Smiling Lowers Cortisol Levels

Smiling, as it turns out, counteracts excessive cortisol levels in the body. It does so by stimulating the production of endorphins. Cortisol is the primary hormone associated with stress.

Endorphins, on the other hand, are neurotransmitters that cause surges of euphoric highs much like the ones you get after running or working out. This is what makes the very act of smiling an effective stress management activity.

Smile Make-Overs At Bondi: Smiling Lets You Live Longer

More than making you look good, experts believe that smiling lets you live a longer and happier life. Research shows that people who make a habit of smiling live an average of 7 years longer that those who rarely smile. Between its ability to lighten up your mood, improve you immune system, keep your stress-hormone levels in check and lower your heart rate, this should not come as a surprise.

Professional Smile Make-Overs In Bondi: Bondi Dental

Despite its wide array of health benefits, all too many people find smiling to be an already arduous task. More often than not the social stigma often associated with stained, crooked damaged, and decayed teeth prevent people from smiling as often as they ought to.

Bondi Dental understands the true value of a smile. Dental experts at Bondi Dental have long since dedicated their time and expertise into giving everyone the picture perfect smile that they deserve. Between state-of-the-art teeth whitening procedure, laminated composite veneers, and dental implants, among others, Smile Make-Overs at Bondi offers an impressive of range of only high-quality dental procedures.

Call your Bondi dentist on (02) 9365 7187 or book your appointment online.

Visit us at 134 Curlewis St in Bondi Beach.

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