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6 Foods That Fight Periodontitis

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a disease of the gums. It affects millions of people every day. Though it seems minor at the start, it can greatly affect your health.

As such, knowing the foods that can help you fight periodontitis is important. Here are 6 foods you can eat that fight periodontitis and support gum health.

#1. Fruits with vitamin C, like strawberry

According to studies, low vitamin C levels are related to periodontitis. Increasing your vitamin C consumption will assist your immune system in fighting off disease-causing microorganisms and support gum regeneration.

Vitamin C is additionally required for the maturation of collagen, which supports the preservation of the periodontal ligament and other tissues’ health.

#2. Vitamin D-rich food, like fish

Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones because it aids the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus from meals.

These are both essential minerals for bone health. Because your teeth are comprised of bone, a lack of Vitamin D3 can affect the health and condition of your teeth.

#3. Milk and yogurt

Calcium-rich foods are good for your teeth, but did you know they also aid with other aspects of oral hygiene? Yogurt promotes beneficial bacteria in the body, which may also aid in cavity prevention.

#4. Nutrient-rich food like beef

The quality of your meat is important when it comes to your gums. Omega-3 fatty acids, collagen (which supports connective tissues like the gums), and Vitamin A (which can help fight infections) are all abundant in grass-fed beef.

#5. Cheese

Calcium and phosphate are found in cheese and work together to maintain a healthy pH balance on the tongue. Enamel is also preserved and rebuilt by it. Balanced pH levels aid in producing more saliva, which is crucial for cleaning plaque and bacteria from the teeth and helps in keeping teeth clean.

#6. Antioxidant-rich food like carrots

Dentists and academics believe that increasing your antioxidant intake will assist you in combat gum tissue inflammation. Antioxidants have been found in studies to lessen bleeding gums and other indications of periodontal disease.

Good Dental Habits and Proper Nutrition

Good dental habits are crucial in keeping periodontal disease at bay.

Good dental habits mean brushing your teeth 2x daily using fluoride toothpaste, flossing at least once a day, rinsing with dentist-recommended mouthwash, and visiting your local dentist regularly.

Other than these, making sure that you properly nourish your body goes a long way in keeping your teeth in place for years to come.

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