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Oral Health: Window To General WellbeingA constantly growing body of research shows that there is a very tangible relationship between oral diseases and other unwanted systemic health conditions such as diabetes and pneumonia.

This connection also exists between oral diseases and a wide range of heart diseases, stroke, and even premature child-birth.

Think of your mouth as the window to your body. Early-stage signs and symptoms of systemic conditions manifests as oral health anomalies. As such, a healthy lifestyle might as well begin with the regular practice of proper dental habits and good oral hygiene.


Research suggests that people who have diabetes are also likely to develop unwanted periodontal conditions. It is in the same vein that diabetics have a higher risk of suffering from tooth loss. This is mostly a result of how diabetes weakens the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Diabetes is also known to compromise the ability of the immune system to protect the body against infection and inflammation.

Heart Disease

People who suffer from gum disease, as related studies point out, are more like to suffer from cardiovascular conditions, chronic or otherwise, compared to those who have healthy gums.

Whether or not either conditions actively cause the development of the other is still to be concluded. Both heart disease and periodontal disease share common risk factors which, among others, include chronic consumption of tobacco products, sedentary lifestyle, and excessive weight disorders.

Dentist In Bondi

Your general wellbeing might as well start with good oral health. At its center, good oral health consists of good dental habits which mainly consist of brushing your teeth with fluoride tooth paste, frequent flossing, and rinsing with dentist recommended mouthwash. These, of course, are to be complemented by regular visits to your local dentist in Bondi.

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