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Dental Emergency Tips while Travelling

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Dental Emergency in Bondi, Dental Video, Preventive Dentistry

Here’s a 2 minutes and 06 seconds Dental Emergency Tips while Travelling video. See full transcript below.

Would it be nice to travel without carrying any worries with you, besides you’ve decided to travel so you can spend quality time with your family or friends and not to experience some health issues. Since this is the case, it is ideal to visit your dentist weeks or days before boarding the plane or the vehicle, specifically if you’re going to remote areas without access to safe dental care. It is because emergency dental care abroad may be difficult to locate, uncomfortable and costly or even dangerous.

Here are some additional tips when encountering a certain dental emergency.

To fix a lost dental filling, the first thing you should do is to keep the exposed area covered. There are drug stores selling products that can serve as temporary dental filling materials.

You may use wax or sugar-free gum if they are not available. If you have a toothache, rinse your mouth with warm water. Use a dental floss to find out if there’s food debris caught between the teeth.

Avoid putting aspirin or other painkillers against the affected tooth as it could burn the gum tissue. To repair a missing tooth crown, place the crown right to avoid shifting and food impaction.

Clean the area well and apply a small amount of dental cement paste, and then bite down gently until the crown is settled. If your condition persists, call a dentist as soon as possible.

Good dental care is obtainable in numerous parts of the world as said by ADA. To get additional information on what you should do in case of a dental emergency, visit your reliable dentist in Bondi Dental today.

If you and your family are planning a vacation, you might as well check your dental health first by visiting your Bondi Dentist before heading your way. Through this, you will be able to avoid unwanted emergencies during the duration of your trip.

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Dental Emergency Tips while Travelling

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