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Dental Amalgam: Negative Impact on Health and the Environment

Until today, there has been a wide debate whether or not to use mercury for dental fillings as part of the restorative dentistry. Dental practices have been using the controversial substance for over 150 years in countless of patients around the globe. Dental amalgam, also known as silver fillings, contains liquid mercury and a powdered alloy made of silver, tin and copper. In spite of being called silver fillings due to its colour, dental amalgams do hold 50% of elemental mercury by weight.

Mercury can cause many life-threatening side effects. It can trigger permanent damage to brain particularly to the newborn babies, reproductive birth defects kidney disease, infertility, and lung and heart problems. Another concern about mercury consumption is the way it can bring negative impact on the environment, too. It can seep into surroundings and atmosphere through numerous pathways as well as polluting the water via human waste and dental clinic releases.

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