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Burning Mouth Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know

As what the name implies, burning mouth syndrome (BMS) or glossodynia is described as a hot or burning sensation affecting the certain parts of your mouth such as the tongue, lips, palate or even widespread areas of the mouth. Though your mouth may feel like burning, expect that it will not be hot to touch. Burning mouth syndrome is also called neuropathic pain sometimes since this condition occurs when the nerves become damaged.

No one knows the exact cause of BMS, but health experts believed that possible causes might include anxiety, depression, immune system problems, badly fitting dentures, hormone changes, and many others. Some medical conditions may also trigger burning mouth syndrome such as dry mouth, thrush, diabetes and thyroid problems. There are many ways to alleviate the discomfort caused by BMS. Dental intervention may involve supplements, medications or denture replacement. Other treatments will aim to manage anxiety through counseling and effective relaxation techniques.

The burning mouth syndrome could be a sign of an incoming health condition. If you believe that you are experiencing burning mouth symptoms, consult your trusted dental partners in Bondi here at Bondi Dental. We have a modern dental facility and use the latest technology in dentistry today so we can provide our patients the highest quality of dental care. Bondi Dental’s group of professionals have combined experiences of over 60 years in all aspects of dentistry.

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