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Candies rot your teeth. You were probably told of this ever since you were a kid. While this isn’t entirely true, the fact remains that frequently eating candies does cause Bondi Dentist The Worst Kind Of Candydental damage.

The enamel of your teeth, which is the outer covering of your teeth, is among the hardest parts of the human body. Even the teeth enamel, however, isn’t impervious to dental damage and decay. The constant wear and tear that the teeth enamel is constantly subjected to can definitely be aggravated by the constant exposure of the teeth to sugar and acid.

Read on as your Bondi Dentist tells you all about the worst kind of candies for your teeth.

Gummy Candies

Sugar is one of the dietary elements that erode the teeth. Not only are these treats extremely sugary, gummy candies are sticky which makes them stay on you teeth for longer periods of time.

Hard Candies

Much like gummy candies, hard candies are loaded with sugar. Sugar damages your teeth by being food sources to entire populations of bacteria inside your mouth. Once fed, mouth dwelling bacteria releases lactic acid, which is virtually what erodes the tooth enamel.

Hard candies are particularly erosive as enjoying these treats require constant sucking for extended periods of time. This exposes the teeth longer to high amounts of sugar.

Sour Candies

Unlike gummy candies and hard candies, sour candies do not feed mouth dwelling bacteria with high doses of sugar. Instead, what makes sour candies especially detrimental to your teeth is its high acidity. With its high acid content, it isn’t necessary for sour candies to feed bacteria to cause dental damage. Instead, its high acid content directly acts as potent tooth enamel erosive.

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