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How to Keep your Dental Bonding White and Long-lasting

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Infographic, Dentist Bondi, General Dentistry in Bondi

How to Keep your Dental Bonding White and Long-lasting

When you hear the dental term “cosmetic dentistry”, the first thing that would possibly come to your mind is the complexity of procedures just to correct and enhance one’s smile and most of all, the cost of treatments that can make you sigh heavily. Looking at the brighter side, there is another way to correct any cosmetic dental problems without hurting your pocket too much in a fast and easy way.

Dental Bonding is among the easiest and least pricey of cosmetic dental treatments. The material used in Bonding is a composite resin that is molded and polished just to match your surrounding teeth. When visiting the dental office, you may notice that bonding is often done for cosmetic reasons to enhance the appearance of a chipped or discoloured tooth. On the other hand, depending on a patient’s needs and preference, bonding can also be used as an alternative to silver filling or protection for a tooth root that has been exposed due to receding gums.

Since it is a least expensive cosmetic treatment compared to porcelain veneers, it surely needs a special care and treatment to keep it in a healthy white condition. If you are a careful and cautious person, caring for the dental bonding shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. To get more additional care tips for your dental bonding visit Bondi Dental today. We are also a provider of top-quality and exceptional cosmetic dentistry service for 30 years now, offering patients with nothing but the best of cosmetic dentistry.

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