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Here’s a 1 minutes and 01 seconds Right Food Choices For A Healthier Teeth video. See full transcript below.

Your diet plays an important role in protecting your teeth against cavities and decay. What you eat and how often you eat largely dictate the natural changes that occur in your mouth.

The moment you put food in your mouth certain natural changes take place – mouth dwelling bacteria starts to convert food sugars to acids. When left on the surface of the teeth for too long, these acids eventually feed on the enamel of the teeth. All too often, this marks the start of the teeth decaying process.

The conventional wisdom has it that the more often you eat, the higher are the chances of acquiring cavities. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of proper oral health practices and teeth-and-gum friendly food sources, you can easily maintain a cavity-free mouth.

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Right Food Choices For A Healthier Teeth

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