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Here’s a 1 minutes and 12 seconds Gum Disease Prevention video. See full transcript below.

There are at least three Australians diagnosed with oral cancer every day; more than 77% of the cases occur in people who smoke.

After scientists found out about a strong link between severe gum disease and higher risk of head and neck cancer caused by HPV (Human Pailloma Virus), dental health organisations around the world started finding ways to educate the public about the importance of good oral health.

Archives of Otolaryngology published a story about the exam done to the 124 patients with oral cancer. The researchers discovered that 50 patients acquired cancer due to HPV. Mine Tezal, D.D.S., Ph.D from University of Buffalo also added that periodontitis is easy to detect and that it may represent clinical high-risk profile for oral HPV infection.

Further research is still needed to determine the exact relationship of gum disease and the said virus however good oral health should not be taken for granted. The point is that researchers found evidences that link gum disease and oral cancer, enough reason why one should take preventive measures against gum disease.

Statistics show that more and more young adults nowadays smoke and drink despite their awareness about the general health risk related to their bad habits. This fact gathered a lot of attention including the Australian Dental Association’s. On August 2013, the said dental association initiated the Annual Dental Health Week. Their focus this year is about the impact of drinking and smoking to oral health. Their goal is to change the perception and priorities of people today about oral health.

Gentle And Effective Dental Care From Your Bondi Dentist

As part of our commitment to promote good oral health in Bondi community, your Bondi dentist shares to you 6 simple steps that can be done to save yourself from the possibility of acquiring oral cancer:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and use a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth everyday, preferably before you brush your teeth
  • Include brushing your tongue to clean your mouth completely
  • Stop smoking and drinking
  • Visit your dentist regularly

Bondi Dentist

Dental checkup is an effective and simple way of saving yourself from gum disease, and possibly oral cancer as well. During your dental checkup, your Bondi dentist will be able to determine early signs of gum disease. You will also be given proper guidance about how to prevent it from becoming worse. In cases where gum disease has become severe, your Bondi dentist is the best person to talk about it. Come and visit Bondi Dental today to start excellent dental service for your oral health. Your initial dental consultation will be for free. Call us on (02) 9365 7187 or book your appointment online and claim your FREE dental consultation today!

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Gum Disease Prevention

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